Community revitalized during Winter Awakening

February 3, 2015

Winter Awakening—a time set aside once a year for NNU students to return their focus to God and reawaken quieted spirits.

During winter, NNU often looks like leafless trees, brown grass and foggy days; descriptions that some may call imperfections. It’s easy during this time of year for students and faculty alike to fall into a pattern of doing just enough to make it through each day. It is during these dead days of winter that we desperately need to be awakened.

Krist Wilde, a pastor from Capital Christian Center in Boise, was just what was needed to revitalize the NNU campus. With his laid back approach, call for people to be participatory listeners and his encouragement for the NNU campus community to live into the freedom God has given, he succeeded in catching NNU’s attention.

During a season when surroundings seem imperfect and the stress of school is bearing down on each student, Wilde reminded students how perfect each person is in God’s eyes. Junior nursing student Allie Kroeger, from Carlsbad, Calif., was particularly touched by this message of being enough, “That’s the thing about our God; he takes the imperfection and messiness and brokenness of our lives and makes it perfect. He is constantly making all things new—everything about you.”

This call to hand over our messiness and brokenness to God is a call to let go of the stresses and demands of this world, and to live into the freedom Christ has given to each person by sending His Son to die on a cross. As Allie pointed out, “Sometimes it’s hard for us to see past the world’s negative lens on our life. Our perspective is stuck on what we have been told by others and not on God’s truth. But why would we trust the world’s words over our God’s?”

Allie was not the only student touched by Wilde’s message. Friday night’s service consisted of worship and student testimonies of how God had worked through Winter Awakening to touch and transform their lives.

Winter will crawl on and the days will continue to be foggy, but after the truth that has been spoken into the lives on the NNU campus, spirits have been awakened in the freedom and perfection of God.

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